Friday, July 17, 2009

So, I'm on my 30-minute lunch break at work... it's around 12:30 p.m. My co-worker, Janet, left at noon. She is flying out to Florida to go to ther father's funeral. I'm not sure how old Janet is, but I think she is in her sixties. Her father was in his 90's... 95 I think. Janet's mother passed away a month ago, and she lived in California. I pray for peace and comfort while Janet goes to be with her family in Florida.

We will be shortstaffed at work. We already are shortstaffed. One of my co-worker's, Kim, left to go work with the doctor that was temporarily with our office, Dr. Le at Presby Plano. Her replacement is not able to come back to work until August 5th because her daughter has a rare nerve disease called RSV, that affects her central nervious system. Her name is Debbie, and she use to work at the front desk until she had to leave to take care of her daughter. Debbie's husband is in the military and comes back permanently, which is good for her. Debbie has had to deal with her daughter's illness with a husband and a son in the military.

My other co-worker, Richelle, also had a death in the family a day apart from when Janet's dad died. So, she had to leave in the middle of the day over a week ago... So, work has been a little hectic, but nothing too bad...

There have been a lot of deaths of family members of co-workers I work with. It's really eerie because they all happened around the same time, but in different departments. First it was radiation, and then medical records.

Janet will return to work next Friday, so I pray that my workweek next week will not be too bad. Luckily, I'm done with school until about a month or so, so I have some downtime to really think and get advice for the next semester.

My oldest brother, Jeremy, moved back in last week, and he moved the computer in the living room. This means that I can continue to take online courses with DCCCD if I choose to. I need to go talk to a counselor about the Fall semester because I'm not sure where to go from here.

As far as the summer goes, I really just want to treat this time as a vacation even though I can not go anywhere right now unless I took a road trip to Austin or somewhere else in Texas for a weekend.

Things in the college ministry are changing as the college pastor feels called to another chapter in his life, but not knowing exactly what that is yet. I love the Larsen family and I'm excited for Robby, who will take on this new leadership role. I pray that I will not get tired serving in the church as people continue to get married and move on from the college ministry to the next chapter in their lives. There have been so many engagements in the college ministry this year, I'm trying not to be envious.

I think for me, everything has never come easily or quickly. I blossomed later in life, and while most of my friends started driving at 16, I got my license at 19. I had to save up for the down payment. I know all the good things that I desire are coming up but I know in my heart it is not my time yet. I'm still pursuing an education, which is undecided, and I'm trying to build up my savings account and pay what I can pay on my debts.

I admit I am highly frustrated with myself for getting to the weight that I am. Most people think that I look fine, but I am overweight, and there are a lot of medical problems like diabetes and heart problems. It is important for me to lose weight and take care of my body, especially if I plan on getting pregnant in the future.

I've been thinking about getting a new bike, so I'm looking around for deals. I went to the park with some of my friends on Tuesday evening at Breckenridge Park in Richardson, and I loved the trails. I know it is way too hot to go outside and exercise, but I really want to make an effort and get this fat off of me. I realize how weak I am without God and the hardt hing about being addicted to food is that we need food for survival and I grew up in a family with poor eating habits. It's going to be a challenge to lose the weight and keep it off, but only with God's help can I do that. No matter how hard I try, I can not stop overeating. I tried and tried.

I'm excited for what God has for me. For now I'm going to enjoy the rest of the summer and focus on weight loss, healthy eating, paying off debts, saving money, and what to take next semester.

Thank you God for this opportunity to change myself for the better, not only physically, but in all ways. Lord, help me embrace this time of singleness, and help to to focus on You, and not be concerned with things I shouldn't concern myself with. Lord, show me who my real friends are, and provide new Christian friends in my life to help and encourage me in my path.

In Jesus' Name. Amen.

S.L. Johnson

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